A single post can hardly cover even one aspect of a Pokémon Go phenomenon. There are many marvelous stories about the game, its owners, players, and other concerned and not concerned individuals. We cannot tell you about everything, but we will share a word about safety issues and focus on some details important for developers. You are playing on the street, so stay cautious and do not visit unfamiliar or remote places alone. Maybe, you missed almost the same message from Nintendo that hardly had an idea of how engrossing the game will be.

Some Stories, Some Attitudes


Have you seen a weather report from Florida recently? The meteorologist of WTSP station was talking about the wind, temperature, air pressure, and the usual stuff when one of his colleagues has come right in from of the camera that was streaming live. Why would she do that? She was hunting for a marvelous pocket monster forgetting about everything.

Although the aforementioned story is funny, most of them are not. For example, a happy daddy caught an avian Pokémon while his mate was in the delivery room. Well, such a personal, private moment was ruined, the mother was upset and the personnel was shocked.

Imaginary World Connects with Reality

The game is appeared to be addictive, very addictive. It is outpacing the number of active users of Twitter in the U.S.! How is that even possible? Many experts argue that the game has a “mixed” reality nature and some clever solutions that allowed connecting the real world with the virtual one. That is why the players forget about everything. Although the technology is straightforward, the developers managed to create a system that involves and inspires. Who would have thought that your device’s GPS could work so well and help you travel in the virtual world with ease?

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Success and Monetization

Many technical teams, bloggers, and other reviewers analyzed the success factors of Pokémon Go. Most of them insist that engagement, virality, and retention are the reasons why gamers just love it. The developers and designers employed the winning strategies and made clever choices in each case. Therefore, there are no blockers for players. For example, the gaming app is free to download, so you do not have to pay to start playing. However, you will spend your cash anyway or else you will not explore all the depths of the game. In-app purchases are something that allowed the owners to earn a lot. The revenue of the companies that own the game is estimated in billions of dollars.

Moving Around

To find a virtual pocket monster, you need to move, really move, so some people may find it difficult and even challenging. This means that you get physical experience. Besides, this may consume your attention in the way that you risk to get a trauma. Therefore, find out more about the game before you rush toward fast, but cute monsters. Even lazy people get out of their rooms to walk in the local parks, visit different venues, and drive to particular locations. To play successfully, people walk for miles. They also hike, bike, and try Segways. Individuals are moving around, which is amazing. They are energized, have fun, and socialize with other players. The game developers help players get pleasurable experience and encourage them to repeat it again and again.

Creating Social Reality

Obviously, the augmented reality created in the game affects social being. People with different backgrounds, beliefs, and social statuses are brought together on the streets. Teachers, professors, politicians, students, executives, and so many other individuals gather for massive Pokémon hunts. The newspapers report about public places that became vital sites for players. They share funny stories about people who meet each other and those who found a mate while looking for small, colorful monsters. Some people play overnight while others are always tuned and ready to go as soon as they have such a possibility. As expected, the game has changed the anticipations people have when they think about mobile games. This is truly cool stuff for developers. However, the bar has been raised high, so not every company can keep up.

The Game and the Company

Everyone knows that Nintendo plays a major role in the achievements of Pokémon Go. Its staff did a lot to prepare a gaming revolution. They released Wii and certainly exceeded the players’ expectations with Pokémon Go. However, everything is a bit more complicated than that because the application was actually developed by a spin-off from Google called Niantic. This start-up company actually did most of the job and raised the complexity level for such projects significantly. These two companies opened a door to a bunch of opportunities that are waiting for the heroes who will use them and win a competitive battle. So, now the market experts, companies, and gaming software developers are entering the brave new world. In addition, young specialists and current students should also reconsider their career paths.

Driving the Change

One of the interesting aspects is that developers had to rethink the concept of a mobile phone. Going mobile has changed a lot. Today, it is not just a device; rather, it is something capable of more, so they should use all the possibilities the modern smart gadgets offer. Moreover, mobile game developers should encourage producers create advanced apparatuses and use the newest hardware solutions.

It seems that the future is now, so app developers are applying new solutions and use the opportunities offered by virtual reality. They broaden the horizons for device users and extend the phones’ functionality in the real world. Experts foresee a new wave of technological advancement and boom of location-based reality mobile games.

Pokémon Go drives the change and forces developers to comprehend and internalize the new truth that the lines between the two realities become more blurred.

What is Coming Next?

Obviously, soon enough someone somewhere will start creating an app similar to Pokémon Go. It may be even better, more interesting, and much more engaging. It is hard to predict what company will take the baton to begin their fast run towards a new phenomenon. Even the beginners may generate ideas capable of making a difference. This is a question of time when something new will emerge to attract the attention and excite dozens of millions of players worldwide.

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