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Importance of ratings and reviews

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Нow to get loads of positive rankings?

Ratings and reviews are highly important as they influence your rankings and hence, downloads. Out of two similar applications in the store, higher in the rating will be the one with better ranking. If your app has no rating yet, it will receive composite score based on your previous apps. So, then a logical question is: how to get loads of positive rankings?

Playtime package

Playtime, i.e. how long users, who downloaded and wrote a review, played a game or used the program you offer, is one of the rank criterion. App Store will display the amount of time your app was being played. Users won’t buy an app nobody uses, will they? So, our service also increases playtime of your app.


Three ways to make a man buy an app


Business of making successful applications for mobile devices can be very profitable, if you know how to run it, to develop it and how to remain on top of rating lists. It might be hard, but we will reveal you a little secret. The key to a successful business is in ordering a package of certain number of reviews and downloads for your application.

App downloads package

App Stores rank apps mostly by the number of downloads in general and recently. Such rating shows users, that you are trustworthy and the content you provide is worth of buying. It will convince them to install and try your application. So, one of the suitable decisions there – buy installs. If you want to be on the top of charts, we can provide you with the desired number of reviews and free downloads.


App reviews package


One of the most certain ways to make your app popular is a number of well-written reviews describing your product. When people see many positive testimonials on your work, they will trust you more and will be more disposed to pay money for what you offer. There are many app promotion companies, who offering such kind of service. However, our company provides only professionals, who will write detailed information and put emphasis on best sides of your application, so that users will see, that your application is worth of their attention, time and money. We are also ready to provide you with a couple of negative reviews to make it look more believable. Only real people, professionals, with active accounts will give highest marks and will find best word in order to describe your product.

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