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Why do you need iOS installs?

There are hundreds of new mobile applications released to the App Store every day, but, no matter how great that app is, there is one component that is essential for the app’s popularity and is often forgotten by developers. We’re talking about iOS installs. Without a significant number of iOS downloads your app risks being lost in the variety of other fantastic apps, but waiting for the number of downloads to grow organically may take more time than you can afford. What is the easiest solution to this problem that every app developer is familiar with? We believe that our high quality iOS installs are the key to the success of your app.

There are many parameters a typical iOS user checks when choosing new iOS apps to download. Users want to see informative descriptions, clear screenshots, and other information that can help them make up their minds. Surprisingly for many developers, the number of downloads an app already has boasts as much value in the app market as any of those other features. In other words, a user is highly unlikely to spend time and, potentially, money to download an app that floats around the bottom of the ranks.

Why buy iOS downloads?

When buying iOS downloads, you’re not just buying installs for your app. Most importantly, you get to take advantage of the phenomenon known among app marketers as the organic uplift. An organic uplift happens when paid app installs boost organic app installs by 1.5X. This shift in the organic downloads takes place very quickly after the purchase of paid installs and it can have an immense effect on the popularity of your app.

However, the perks of paying for iOS installs don’t stop there, as you also get to enjoy other advantages of using paid downloads:

There are the benefits of buying app installs:

  1. Your app will appear closer to the top of the search results, prompting more users to check it out and eventually download it.
  2. A rapidly growing number of downloads gives your app a chance to be featured in various rankings and lists curated by App Store editors, which will then lead to another influx of new users.
  3. Successful install campaigns eliminate the need for more time-consuming and expensive marketing strategies and allow you to enjoy the success of your app and focus on its development rather than promotion.
  4. In the end, the decision to buy iOS installs will give your app the reputation and credibility you’ve always dreamed of, and you can use this strategy on any new app you create.

Where can you buy iOS installs?

If you’ve finally decided that buying iOS downloads is the most effective way to make your app reach new heights, you’ll be relieved to know that you can purchase high quality app installs right here! Our experts will work together with you to ensure that your app gets the recognition it deserves without you spending a fortune on its promotion.

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