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What makes certain software popular among users? Of course, a great influence makes a range of its features, quality of customer support, its steady operation, etc. But why so many apps go to virtual trash even though they include all mentioned below things? The answer is quite simple: no one knows about them.

Trying to save budgets, several developers make a fatal mistake - they don’t invest in software promotion. Have you ever heard a proverb "No gain without pain"? Of course, you shouldn't take it hard and understand literally. But there is no doubt it has a kernel. App search optimization is the only right solution in this case.

ASO allows them reaching all potential goals in the promotion:
App Store Search Optimization - is a modern approach to mobile marketing, which has become in demand according to the intensive growth of mobile traffic. People start using their smartphones and tablets to study, work, communicate, etc. In this case, they required useful software to realize their needs. And the challenges between application developers get stronger and stronger, so they start using all existence ways to be in the TOP.

ASO – is the main approach to reach this goal. The popularity of App Store Search Optimization is based on numerous marketing researches which demonstrate its high performance. Let’s cut to the chase and find out why your software couldn’t ever become popular without wise  app optimization.


Competent researches insist that 63 percent of applications are found by users thank to common search in app stores. They just type a search request and choose the most relevant page. This information comes from Apple devices; for Android gadgets, the number is a little lower – 58 percent. So ignoring ASO means losing the biggest part of your potential users. That’s why developers invest in search optimization their time and money and get feedback in short time. And here are several reasons why they do it.

ASO allows them reaching all potential goals in the promotion:

to improve the search positions of the target software. Here works the rule: if you want to be high ranked you need to improve the technical and visual factors of your software page. Working on its title, keywords, logo and other aspects add the application more ‘bonuses’ in the eyes of search store algorithms.

to attract more new customers to use application. No matter what the methods are but they lead to clip users and satisfy their interests. Depending on the type of product the ASO may be concerned with showing the difference from rivals or impressing with new features.

to make software more recognizable. For example, when people think about summer, thirst, and friends, they involuntarily remember Pepsi or Coca-Cola. So search optimization helps in creating a stable association of your brand with a special kind of users’ needs.

to increase the financial performance of your software. Even if you propose customers free application you are able to earn money in return to show ads. And as higher your positions in stores are as more advertising providers will aspire to work with you.

The final goal of ASO is to drive more organic traffic to your app page and increase the conversion of it. As a result, people will execute the target actions and increase the popularity of your application. Such approach will also help in saving money and personal time. It means if you trust ASO to the competent company it will be done in proper time and according to professional specialists’ experience.


  1. Both AppStore and Google PlayStore try to build capacity by improving search algorithms. So they steer developers to get with the times.
  2. As well your app is optimized as well it is ranking in search. The approach is based on increasing the number of relevant keywords and generating more and more downloads.
  3. The number of organic users will grow. The app page will appear in search and people start visiting it more often.
  4. You should work hard and spend a lot of time on ASO. But in the future, this optimization will work on you in long-term prospects.
  5. Even if users download your software time after time and store rank it for all app store keywords you need there is always a lack of result. The point is with ASO you are able to get more without huge charges.

The main problem of  app store optimization is in need to understand desires of your target audience. For instance, if you use the wrongs keywords in reviews and promotion don’t expect to attract new customers. So it’s much better to use services of reputable companies.

App optimizing is actually a non-stop process, which allows the app developer to get millions of new installs.

What factors influence the App Store optimization services for iOS and Android apps?

On-metadata factors.

These are the product page element, which is possible to modify through such programs as Google Play Developer Console and iTunes Connect. The aim of that modification is keywords rankings optimization to make users download your application from Play Market and the App Store. The abovementioned elements are totally under our control. It helps you increase your store ranks.

Off-metadata factors.

These factors can’t be under the developer’s control; they are external and include installs speed and volume, reviews and rating, user’s engagement, etc.

The combination of these both factors results in store optimization (ASO), which guarantees you more app downloads.

Each app developer knows that he needs to optimize an app, but cannot imagine how to increase the number of app downloads.


The keywords should be added to the title at the amount of 30 characters, in the description of the amount of approximately 4000 characters. Play market optimization is similar to SEO, and the Play market shows near all the text appearing in the listing.


Test listings.

Such as app icon, feature screenshots and images in order to increase conversion rate and the number of installs thanks to the same traffic.

Monitor the main search optimization KPIs.

It’s necessary to track all the KPIs related to the ASO. It means tracking all the keywords rankings and rankings of your competitors, each country organic installs number, top chart ranking, revenue from in-app advertisings, conversion rate to install, updates of your competitors, changes in listings etc.

Keep in mind that APP Store and Google Play Market optimization are different things.

Remember that you can improve your Play Market optimizable keywords rankings with the help of four simple steps:

  1. Choose a number of keywords you would love to rank for.
  2. The next step is to include these words into your description and to update your mobile app. But please keep in mind the words do not have to look like spam, must be readable and natural.
  3. Track the changes of the ranks of your app along with these keywords changes.
  4. Depending on your research, find out if you continue optimizing including those keywords or you want to move forward.

The keywords rankings will be updated once your updates are accepted.

It means it’s possible to do a live search at the same or the next day to find out the impact of the optimization done. It’s recommended to use the same ASO tool for tracking your mobile app’s ranking changes.

You should realize that your keywords rankings will be changing over time.

They might get better or worse, might not change at all and remain the same. It is recommended to watch them in 1-7 days after updates and find out their trend.


The App Reviews is a complex agency, which will save you from numerous problems with ASO. Our company is targeted on software promotion in AppStore and Google PlayStore. We have 3 years of successful experience of app optimization and can be proud of having more than 15 000+ happy clients.

Our team always reaches goals we have planned before. The App Reviews proposes customers the best solutions: you are able to choose the most proper package that meets your needs.

Remember, that the App Reviews uses only white methods so the reputation of the developer is in the first place. No dangerous approaches will hurt your face in customers’ eyes.

ASO from the App Reviews includes the next aspects:

Application software optimization - is a long process. In the beginning, you need to put 150% of efforts and in the future, you will gain spectacular results.

Remember that missing ASO means you lose the biggest marketing channel of promotion. If you aspire to make your application more popular in different stores, then don't hesitate and take profit with all advantages of App Store Search Optimization.


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