Useful Advice for Boosting Android App rating

Boosting Android App Rating

Daily the amount of play store apps is growing with a bullet speed. To create and implement the unique app idea is a real challenge itself for the developer of any level. Long days and nights are spent thinking, creating and trying to form the complete idea of the perfect app. That can be the start of your future app success, high sales and promotional or in-app income, right after you present your creation on one or both app markets.

But developers are responsible not only for creating process, but for spreading their piece among international community. The results of this activity will definitely impact the fact of your financial reward and its level. That is the reason why rating, as well as review, services become more and more popular over the last few years.

Updated rules, made in the store

Today application markets become more aggressive and the publishers of the applications keep seeking for opportunities to get benefits and maintain the online market level. This has led to boosting of interest in app optimization instruments and its analytical tools in order to find or develop the new ways of perspective market evolvement. In recent years App Store together with Google Play has implemented some alterations to the ranking mechanism, and it added some value to the Android application rating.

As the idea of the interconnection of rating and app ranking becomes more obvious, in order to help developers, countless online services have emerged. They provide their assistance in leveling the appointed application by performing paid rating points and reviews with the aim to put the app on one of the top spots.

Secret of perfect ranking

About 2/3 of the top-1000 apps are marked with 4+ rating, as the higher grade directly influence on the rating place, and the higher it is, the more downloads the application has. The rating like 4.4 is a great mark, which is in possession of really popular applications with more than 200K installs.iTunes market has slightly complex ranking mechanism, as it includes local division. Developers and publishers should be aware of such peculiarities to be capable to achieve top points in any case.

Creating of remarkable application

Despite the appearance of this point, it is vital to highlight it, as without a decent product other work is useless. So pay attention to the quality of your application, its usefulness and properness and after that it will be easier to develop the promotional and ranking strategies.

Non-interacting notifications of the application

It is quiet natural to expect the rating point from the user who most likely has liked the app. But such results appear not in any case. So you can be forward-looking and make some reminders for users to leave their feedback and evaluate the app. You surely ought to simplify this process as much as possible in order not to scare user. But such actions should be quiet careful as too much pressure may scare away the person, who was just about to use your app again. Do not harm your application’s reputation. Instead make some slight notes and users, with no pressure from you, will be likely minded to rate your creation.

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