Recent researches of mobile application market have brought up an impressive number of applications available at Google Play and App Store. Over 1.5 million apps are available at App Store when Google Play offers about 1.6 million apps. With such incredible amount of existed applications, promoting your personal app gets really challenging. The rapid development of app market forces developers and marketers turning to alternative forms of promotion and app delivery strategies. With millions of existed applications, only a small part of apps gains a real popularity facing a great boost of downloads and installs. In such a case, it is crucial to figure out some new and effective methods and strategies to reach your app’s popularity.



If you have recently launched your application, but still face no boost of downloads and installs, it is a high time to check app ab testing benefits. A/B Testing is a special research method that allows testing your application like a science project. It is a convenient way of determining your app’s strong and weak sides improving its core elements significantly. It also brings a clear understanding of the marketing strategy’s ROI and the ways of its improvement. Application’s developers, marketers, and other IT specialists use mobile ab testing in order to increase own customers’ base greatly. Running A/B strategy is a quite complex process, which requires good knowledge, great ideas and ability to use the latest informative tools and solutions.


If you tend to improve your application popularity and boost installs, determine the exact thing you want to test.

The list of elements requested for testing usually includes:

  • Text specifications;
  • Background color;
  • Button size, etc.

You can test any of things you are interested the most. It mostly depends on the results you want to get eventually.


Start your research process with the simplest tasks, checking carefully every concerned element, like navigation, headline, and background color. Be aware, it is difficult to reach wanted conversion rate doing a few testing. Mobile ab testing is a complex process that requires time and precise steps.


Evaluation of the customer’s needs is obligatory when you are dealing with A/B testing. Without a good understanding of your client’s needs, there will be no chance to provide them with desired product or service. Make sure to determine exact offers you provide your customers with to find and keep your niche on the market.


With a clear understanding of your customers’ needs, it is high time for engaging then in a direct communication. For example, when conducting a survey asking your potential customers about your application, you may distinguish between strong and weak points of your app promotion campaign and application itself.


When performing mobile applications testing, make sure to test the most important following variables:

  1. The Headlines
  2. The headlines are the first thing people pay their attention to when checking an app. This is the main element of every app since it plays the role of main attraction and gets the most memorable. It has one of the biggest influences on the conversion rate.
  3. Price Points
  4. The proper pricing policy is an important issue to discuss frequently. Price is the exact measure that makes customers whether interested in your product or not. In addition, it is always important to work in accordance with current market realities. A/B testing provides graphs, which determine the most optimal price for a digital product.
  5. App Store or Google Play Description
  6. The conversion rate is greatly influenced by the way you describe your application at App Store or Google Play Market. When testing mobile applications, checking description is important to know what message it brings to a customer and what reply you get.
  7. Payments Ways
  8. The convenience of payment ways is one of the top reasons why customers choose a definite application to purchase. Only the optimized payment ways allow working with millions of clients.


When choosing A/B Testing Platforms, it is important to check features and budget of the tools you want to use. From a variety of existed research tools, the most popular and widely used are the following online instruments:

  1. Five Second Test
  2. Optimizely
  3. Apptimize
  4. Kissmetrics
  5. Google Analytics Experiments
  6. Adobe Target
  7. Convert Experiment
  8. Vanity
  9. Maxymiser
  10. Change Again

The A/B Testing Platforms mostly offer the following useful features:

  • Main elements of an app (logo, headlines, description, color, button size, etc.) analysis;
  • Comparison of your application’s characteristics with the top features of familiar apps;
  • SDK and profound robust analytics;
  • Optimization of the top app’s elements (color, navigation, images, position, items);
  • Checking of elements that have stopped to work properly;
  • Adding app’s features through professional editors;
  • Determination of strong and weak app’s sides.

A wide variety of tools brings impressive possibilities for a profound A/B testing research within a prominent A/B testing strategy.

A/B Testing is a special highly efficient research method that allows testing various applications. It is a convenient way of defining your app’s strong and weak sides. Millions of application’s developers, marketers and IT specialists have already chosen mobile A/B testing as the main tool for the customers’ base escalation. Running A/B strategy is a quite complex and multitasking process, which requires good knowledge, great ideas and ability to use the latest informative tools and solutions.

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