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If you are asked to assess a book you have never heard of till now, what will be your answer? Chances are you will refuse or write a negative review. Normally this question should be put later when a person has already taken the guts out of the book. However, frequently I come across applications requesting me to write a review within the first several minutes.

Newcomers are usually tolerant. Any false move will be costly for them. As a matter of fact, ninety percent of users remove an application having tried it once and only once.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to ask users to write a review or to give rating to your application in the app store. There are users who rate apps of their motion. But there are few of them. More often, users should be pushed to assign rating or make a review of your app. Otherwise, it will never appear in the result list, and you will miss your prospective users. Whenever you request users to rate an app or to review it, sometimes is required they could get into the swing of things. They’d rather get up an appetite for it. Let them play with your app. Do not hasten them! Excessive pushiness may result in bad reviews and ratings.

You should ask users to write a review only if they have already grasped the core sense. So and in no other way it does make sense to request rating. Otherwise, you will get negative or unconstructive feedback.

If you want to achieve and keep top ratings in the app store, you should guide your users and never hasten. For example, you have created a social media app, let your users find friends, leave messages, upload images and video before asking for a review. Don’t ask people to assign rating to your app, if they never tried it.

If your goal is to improve the app, think of a strategy. It’s a bad idea to ask users describe their problems in their review. Give them a possibility to explain the confusion privately. It’s not necessary to show all bugs if any to the public. Interaction with such users will be beneficial for you. You will be able to improve your customer service.

And one more important issue. Do not focus on one star and five star ratings. They are mostly useless and “empty”. Pay attention to two star and four star reviews. They usually contain sound criticism. You will find out how to improve your app since such users describe what they like and dislike.

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