1. Add, highlight and promote the unique materials and content.
  2. Use free downloads in exchange of the promotional assistance of the non-technical means like newspaper columnists.
  3. Announce your app via media tools using the perfect press release, which highlight and describe the unique and very useful features.
  4. Do not underestimate internet press release sharing. That is your way to trade pubs, blogs and other online media resources.
  5. Apply the assistance of other company, collaboration with which can be mutually beneficial for you and made them, for example, your sponsors.
  6. Make an overview video and post it on your YouTube channel.
  7. Share this demo through the internet.
  8. Compose a song or buy the existing one in order to add it to your YouTube movie.
  9. Free trial offers can be beneficial in order to attract users and then propose to extend their app to the paid advanced version.
  10. Invite friends, acquaintances and prospective users to your App Launch Party. To make it more specific, you can order a cake and balloons with logo or an application’s icon.
  11. Encourage your friends and relatives, who is aware of the app features, to make posts in various social media networks.
  12. One more free and simple way to promote your app is to use Facebook options. Create a fan page or public to advertise your product. It can be easily found and every time the person joins your page, friends of that person will be informed so they will find out about your application. Excellent marketing move.
  13. For social network purposes wallpapers create unique wallpaper using your app’s icon.
  14. Connect your app to the Facebook so the users can comment it on their pages in social networks and share their opinion.
  15. Create an online forum discussing some FAQs.
  16. Develop your own blog page and publish advertisements about your application and future updates there.
  17. Handle your PPC keyword campaign on searching services.
  18. To improve the amount of times your product appears in search results create a list of relevant keywords with the help of Google Adwords. Then you should use them in your ads, tags and in your website content.
  19. Create a 2D barcode in your adverts and other app informational means. Provide users with an opportunity to scan the code and get the link to all necessary information on your product.
  20. Use the aimed opt-in messaging promotional campaign.
  21. After your email signature you can write your app’s description. Provide readers with the link to its App Store page.
  22. Uncommon way to inform people about your new product is to mention it in your voice mail recorded message.
  23. Do not neglect the app’s updates and improvements. Such changes can also help you to promote your app again.
  24. Use the location data of Google maps.
  25. Create and share your website, use a link to in in all promotional texts.
  26. Gather good and approving feedback and comments on your application and publish it on the hope mage in order to make them noticeable.
  27. Celebrities can be offered to use your app for free in exchange of their adoring comment. People are interested in famous people’s lives so they would be interested in your application as well.
  28. Your target must be to get in the “Hot” and “Favorites” lists on the App Store.
  29. Mention your new product in your own business materials like receipts, envelopes, flyers and so on.
  30. Direct mailing is also a good option. Create and send direct mails to your regular customers as well as prospective ones.
  31. Offer a free version or free trial for the first 20-50 people registered at your web-page.
  32. Seek for collaboration chances with writers, bloggers, and other famous influential people.
  33. At least once a month create a newsletter and use it as a chance to inform your readers about your app.
  34. Alter your letters auto-responders in order to include mentioning of your new application.
  35. In case you have a catching icon or logo it would be a great move to create some T-shirts or other items in order to promote your application.
  36. Appearance in trade shows can serve a great deal. Roll-up banners can aid in promotional campaign as well.
  37. Make a full demo submission.
  38. Make the submission of your press release, video, app article etc.
  39. You can also arrange a competition in local school for the best example of student app developing. Write an article about the winner and post it on your web-page.
  40. Come up with some stories which demonstrate how useful or entertaining your app is.
  41. Anniversary of your company is a good chance to write a press release with your app mentioned in it.
  42. Create a training workshop for app producers in order to check whether the app is used in a proper way.

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