How to Get Your App on the App Store

It is believed that the single aspect that separates one’s idea for an application creation and from lying on the beach and enjoying oneself in easy atmosphere is just a small knowledge of the way technologies work.

Anyway, do not forget about the main hindrance standing between you and the Apple App Store, which is Apple.


The Apple company claims they’ve sold approximately 100 million iPhones since 2007 when it was first launched. Furthermore, with sales of iPad near to 10 million, it is clear that the wish for being present on the app store is evident, but there is more about it than just install base. The Apple App Store is not a usual software store, but an extension of the iTunes store. Thus, placement of an app on this platform is a hidden support by a company that is worried about the highest quality. Furthermore, the advancements by Apple employees and suggestions of Genius make this place the best for potential customers to find the app.

However, the process of approval is not easy. The main difficulty is that in reality the application process is a complex game in which Apple holds the cards. After the application is sent, the developer has nothing more to do than just waiting for approval or rejection. According to the application developers, this secrecy created by Apple is the largest challenge that is waiting for them.

Here you can find several rules explaining how to get your app on the app store and become the App Store shark.

Get Convinced That it Works and Start Playing

One of the developers, shared that it is almost submitting that one does, and then nothing more is left rather than to cross one’s fingers and wait. But it has not to be that way. If Apple finds one aspect to object, they reject the app. This means that if you have multiple problems, each rejection will show only one of them. While the latest Xcode version has an incorporated feature Fix-It that checks the code, there are numerous minor issues like version number that may slow down review process. For example, the icons for an iPhone app have to be of definite size. Or if one also suggests a free version of paid app, they must have various images.

Make it Trickily Simple at the Beginning

A simplified app version has more chances to be approved. If it is possible to do it without frills, it would be easier to add them later.

The best strategy is to get an app approved for the first time, since the response for updates takes shorter time than by its initial submission. After it would be approved it would be time for exploring variants like including definite feature. This is some kind of learning as far as the process is so misty. There is hardly a feedback about what is happening.

In any case, the program can’t be too simple, too. The guidelines for submission give a clear point that “test”, “demo” or “beta” versions will not be approved.


Be Ready to Negative News

Apple’s new model for publishing concerns only complicated matters and caused high rank of rejections over the last time of the Readability app similar to Instapaper-esque. The app creator mentions that the rejection appeared a surprise to the developers’ team only because they were not aware of the fact that the company’s new publishing rules released under new guidelines applied to them. The reason for it is a bit tricky. While usual publishers tend to produce content, Readability only gives possibility to access others’ content. At the same time, subscription mode only allows to cover their costs and to pay to actual content producers like the New York Review of Books. Thus, they might have been rejected since their app didn’t fit in the guideline’s idea of selling “content, functionality, or services”.

As you may know, Google market is much more open for newcomers. Company checks only if the product works properly before placing it on the market making available for Android-based devices. In fact, this store is so easy to enter, that recently a virus that stole personal information of users passed through security firewalls and infect near 50 programs and over 260, 000 users. Despite that incident we have to admit, Google market remains conveniently open and easy to enter.

Stay Patient

Once company’s been checking one of his apps for few months before making their definitive decision. The app operated on information, connected with Google’s App system, which became the reason for such delay.

Make it Strictly Tolerant and Inoffensive

Apple is also known as with big amount of rejections because of the content of an app. And a big case in the last year about some bikini-related content only confirms how strict Apple’s rules about parental guidance are.

Be Unique

The acceptance criteria became more and stricter as new apps stormed towards The Apple App Store. The review department expects now a higher level of creativity by writing apps. The company claimed that there are more than 250,000 applications in their App Store, so they don’t need any more poor apps. In latest guideline was also added, that in case you don’t leave a lasting impression and create something useful, your product is likely to be declined.

But not Over-Unique!

Developers’ ideas shouldn’t be too progressive overtaking existing technologies. Apple reserves the right to turn down an app if it is too close to innovative activity the company is currently working at or plans to. A number of podcasting apps had a bad experience with this rule. These situations have given a kick-start for few internet blogs devoted to analysis of developers app rejections, to hints and guesses what surprises has Mr. Jobs prepared next.

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