It is well-known fact that the number of app downloads during the period of holidays is really enlarged. People get the new devices as gifts and try to use them on the full at once. But statistics proves that this activity peak is actually in January, not in December.


A recently presented inforgraphic shows that January is a kind of “Black Friday” for monetization the apps. The research that was done together with provides the information that downloading of apps increased up to 20 percent during the last holiday season. The infographic covers the period from October 2014 till January 2015.

Developers tend to pay more attention to monetizing of the apps with the help of different ads – that will help to enlarge the revenue while holiday season. Here the advice is to try different placements of the ads to find out which variant will be the best for monetizing. But it is also high time to use other effective tools, such as positive app reviews and high ratings, offered by

In conclusion, another good strategy will be to give huge discounts for the paid apps or maybe make them free of charge during this holiday period. Those users who make high spending are to get promotions for this season, but at the same time, other can still get the ads. The provided infographic shows the developers that it is really possibility to earn up to 117 percent profit if to take actions as it is suggested. It is also mentioned that those developers who spend money on app reviews, ratings and downloads have the possibility to gain additional 20 percent profit, comparing with those who don’t use them.

Black Friday

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