How To Make a Successful App

Do you want to be a developer for the fast evolving platform and become a part of this by creating your great Android application? You will get 5 hints to simplify this process.

Be Aware of the Android Design Specifications

Many developers and users have faced the situations of mistaken copying, for example, iOS design for Android
app, and it still happens. That is why this aspect is worth your attention.
This mistake is common among developers who create apps for both Android and iOS. Their wrong conclusion is that they can apply the same code for both apps and get away with it. In such cases developers cannot properly control application’s UI and UX and the app will have the same look in each platform.

To avoid such fails in the code you may apply some abstraction principle in order to control the production and not to copy the information while creating the new version of the app. Develop the code which is independent from the platform specifications. Your app can perform properly in any platform only if its UI code will be separated from logic code.

Design Based on Intuition for any Audience Without Considering Their Tech Skills

In order figure out whether your app has intuitive design, ask your friend or relative, who may not be technically skilled enough, to use your product without any help. If they eventually find out how to apply it, you are likely to have created the application that your target customer may easily use as well.

Get to know their opinion on the app, what they rate the fond, buttons, the general design and what was the easiest and the most complicated parts of the application. You may apply some extra hints in order to create a perfect design, based on intuition.

One of them is to stick to some classics like red color for errors, the right arrow for forward. You are recommended to group similar options and objects together, like settings or profiles. And the last but not the least hint is to keep everything simple. The simplest app will be the more likely it will have a success among users.

Add the Social Options Into Your Product


There were days when people considered jogging to be just some physical training in the park or running court and that was it.

Today running applications and handy devices have changed the pace of jogging process. Now it can be something more than just exercises. It can be a real competition. You receive all possible info about your performance like time, distance, calories and so on.

One more competitive feature is that you can share your results with your friends via those apps in social accounts and compare your results as well. You can get great benefits from the social features of your app as it can be a strong and cheap promotion instrument as you encourage users to share and talk about your product. It may be even an application for making some notes, but it may become popular if you add some sharing options.People have their social needs and desire to share and spread significant in their opinion information. And if you give them an opportunity to fulfil them, you will automatically get free social advertising.

Pay Attention to Testing

It will be a fatal mistake if you ever release your product without properly testing it first. And you should not be the tester as well.


Your app must go through Alpha and Beta tests.The Alpha test preferably should be provided by the developers or at least a small group of your team members. They are most likely to apply their novice devices and advanced settings to estimate the full app performance, create a complete bug report and give some recommendations for app improvement.

But it is not the end of the testing process. Your developers may be good testers, but usually they are not the target audience for your product.

Beta testing is performed with a larger group of people, who will estimate more or less decent version. Such testers may provide individual unbiased comments and estimations or your product. There are two ways of beta testing – open and closed. First one means that you offer any user to try and evaluate your app, while the closed one means that you offer such opportunity to the particular group of users.

Remember About Marketing Your Applications

Every app requires a decent marketing campaign in order to reach the top charts and high download rates.

If you do not have a proper promotional plan, your product will remain unknown and unused, especially if the application is targeted on the regular consumer. Do not be the one who spend all recourses on the developing process without paying any attention to the marketing questions if you do not want to end up being a bankrupt.

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