What Should You do in Case of Bad ReviewOccurs:

The modern app stores contain over a few billions of applications. With such a big amount of available apps, users face minor difficulties with the app selection. Successful applications are just a small part of the entire set of existed apps on the current market. Users mostly support those apps, which has already gained a huge base of fans and supporters. Thus, the applications with numerous great reviews are considered as the top options. These mobile applications gain the main attention of users, which eventually leads to an increase of installs and downloads. Since, the mobile reviews play a central role in the app promotion campaign, paying enough time and attention to avoid bad review is crucial for every app developer. We know all the secrets of how to prevent your application from bad reviews or turn negative reviews into positive ones.

How to Prevent Bad App Reviews


It is difficult to find modern users, who are interested in downloading and installing apps with bad reviews. Users often rely on the other people’s app reviews, thus if you want your app to keep a good reputation and high ratings, make sure to avoid bad review. The applications with controversial reviews may look quite trustworthy, but there should be only a few bad reviews.

Every user tends to skip to another application with better reviews since the modern market offers a bunch of applications with familiar features. If you have spent a lot of time on the development and improvement of your application, use the following advices to bring your application to higher positions at app stores and improve its mobile reviews significantly.

  1. Set the right user expectations.
  2. Reply promptly on the negative reviews.
  3. Increase the number of app’s testers.
  4. Update and improve a support service.
  5. Provide convenient communication channels.
  6. Provide in-built surveys and reviews.

These simple actions help keeping the application’s ratings high and allow improving the app itself. Be aware that the positive reviews are extremely important when you deal with the app promotion since they determine the place of your application at app stores ratings. Your activity must be aimed at both getting positive reviews and avoiding bad ones. Never underestimate the bad influence of a bunch of bad reviews, and make sure never to let it happen with your application.

Set the Right Expectations

Every user should know features, possibilities, and the spheres of app’s usage. In fact, when dealing with the applications, users provide many bad reviews due to simple misunderstandings. When developers provide wrong app’s features, users may consider it as an attempt to confuse them and provide a wrong data. It mostly leads to bad reviews and further user’s complains. Make sure to set the right user’s expectations. Distinguish and provide app’s features, possibilities, and the spheres it can be used the most effectively. The app users always have some expectations, once dealing with the app. Therefore, make sure they have only realistic expectations, which can be proven by the app’s functionality. Avoid providing incomplete documentation and always work on improvement of your app’s guides and instructions.

Reply Promptly on Negative Reviews

Since users mostly support those applications that have already gained a huge base of fans and supporters, it is crucial to reply instantly on negative reviews. The applications with numerous great reviews are considered as the best options. It brings a strong need to convert bad reviews into positive ones. Therefore, keep checking every review, and in case of a bad one, try to reply on it immediately. Sometimes, user’s bad reviews can be the result of a simple misunderstanding, thus ask the user of a reason of his bad review. If you can solve the existed problem, do it promptly to get a positive review instead of a bad one.

Increase Your App Testers Number


The app testing and improvement is an important part for every application development process. With the rapid development of technologies, being able to follow all the latest trends is crucial for every app developer or project manager. You can conduct numerous tests and various research works to reveal your applications’ strong and weak sides. Be sure, you can increase your app testers’ number without hiring new people. You can
easily get feedback from your users about the way the application works, where users mostly face problems once using it, its strongest and weakest sides, etc. This entire information provided by users is free and quite beneficial for your application improvement.

Update a Support Service

People who have used to deal with various applications mostly chose the ones with the latest features and updates. With the rapid development of technologies, being able to follow all the latest trends is crucial for every app developer and marketer. The advanced round-the-clock support service is the key to a great communication with users, and positive reviews as well.

Provide Convenient Communication Channels

Provide an open communication with users since it may help to improve reviews and ratings significantly. Give users a chance to contact your app’s representatives over the most convenient channels since it will help greatly with your app’s reviews improvement.

Provide In-Built Surveys and Reviews

If you want to avoid bad reviews and turn them into positive ones, provide in-built surveys and review, thus the users will have no need to reach the app store and leave the reviews there.

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