The app development process is a set of important tasks and actions aimed at providing a top application. Gaining a great popularity and visibility for your application means checking all the processes the app goes through, including the entire promotion campaign. Getting a top rating for an app is crucial since it brings more users and allows popularizing an application in most of the social nets and advertising platforms. The users have already used to downloading and installing mostly those applications, which have a high rating with lots of positive feedback and reviews. Our team of experts has used to deal with app promotion campaigns bringing the app into the top list of Apple Store and Play Market applications. We know how to manage the entire promotion campaign, including a very important user’s reviews supervision process.


Nowadays, if you want your application to reach the top ratings at App Store or Play Market, managing user’s reviews is obligatory. There is no chance to avoid interaction with users if you want to keep them satisfied and loyal. The process of app user’s reviews management is easily operated, and includes the following actions to pursue:

  1. Answer the Users’ Calls Being attentive to the users’ needs is crucial. Always answer the calls, no matter whether people have something good or bad to say about your product or service.
  2. Use Apple Storekit on Full With advanced Google and Apple technologies, there is no need for users to reach Apple Store or Google Play to leave a feedback and estimate the app’s usefulness. The in-build innovative technologies allow rating the app inside the application itself. It is a great way to let the users reveal the strong and weak sides of your application.
  3. Put A Person in Charge Make someone responsible for managing users’ reviews and answering the calls is important for an entire campaign. Put a person in charge who knows exactly how to do the business and reach a needed visibility of the application with clever and effective responses.


  • Ask like a human being – users will never appreciate responses, which sound not as human answers but rather automatic. It is important to personalize every response for a definite user. It is very helpful when you have a skilled person who is responsible for managing app users’ reviews.
  • Stay easy to reach – users often may find it extremely important to have a chat with the developers’ group. If you want people to stay interested in your product, allowing then having a wanted conversation is obligatory.
  • Remain compassionate – always stay interested in user’s thought and suggestions. Try to understand the feelings people had when were writing bad comments. Answer the review and be compassionate. This way of communication can turn any bad comments into a positive one.
  • Prepare informative responses –it is important the person who provides responses to stay well informed about the application, its core features, and benefits. Once providing an important and informative information in responses, you increase the chances to get more followers that are loyal.


Once managing app users’ reviews, every app developer may use special tools and software aimed at supervising users’ feedback. There advanced programs and software brings a wide variety of opportunities for app’s developers and marketers:

  • Direct replying in Apple Store and Play Market;
  • Reviews analysis and reviews tracking;
  • Separation into certain issues (bugs, payments, options, etc.);
  • Triggering of condensations inside the application;
  • In-app surveys and ratings improvement.

The most widely used app users’ reviews management tools are the following:

  • AppBot;
  • AppFollow;
  • Apptentive;
  • ReviewBot;
  • Zapier;

Despite the usage of advanced technologies and innovative software, handling the entire app reviews management process by the means of only program tools is a wrong approach. The familiar tools can work as an additional instrument of app users’ reviews’ management, together with a well-planned and effective company’s complex app promotion strategy.


Providing proper responses can serve a bunch of purposes. In addition to traditional promotion aims, the app users’ reviews professional management allows gaining a bunch of extra benefits. First, an interesting and helpful dialog with users can easily run them into loyal customers, who rates the app well at Apple Store or Google Play Market. Second, following bad reviews and providing a clever and informative response allows turning a bad review into a positive one, Third, when selecting a needed mobile application, users often check the app users’ mobile reviews and developer’s responses to decide whether to install the application or not. Showing an active conversation between users and the app’ developers makes the application looking more trustworthy and advanced.

The app users’ review management is a complex task that requires a lot of time and frequently a special knowledge and program tools used. In the same time, it is one of the best methods to reach higher popularity and visibility for your recently launched application. It is one of the steps required for gaining the top ratings and popularizing the application in most of the social nets and advertising platforms. Once managing app users’ reviews, the developers bring the attention of more interested users, which have used downloading and installing mostly those applications, which have positive feedback and many reviews. Our team of experienced specialists has used to deal successfully with many effective app promotion campaigns. We know how to manage the entire promotion campaign, including a very important app user’s reviews management bringing the app into the top list of Apple Store and Play Market applications.

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