Top 7 Alternatives to the Google Play Store

Google Play is the default app market for many users with millions of apps available for download and billions of monthly app downloads. However, it’s not the only place for browsing and launching Android applications. If you’re looking for a Google Play alternative, check out our ultimate list.

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Before we move on to the list, let us settle why users are even looking for another Android App Stores when there is Google Play. The main reason is diversity. There are many apps that never make it to Google Play due to various reasons but are still worth for you to try.

Another reason to get a different app market is the app recommendations and hand-selected lists that allow you to discover applications you would never see on Google Play due to stiff competition between apps. Finally, there are plenty of App Stores that cater individually to different countries, so if you want to know which app is trending in your area, an alternative store can be a great choice.

Amazon Appstore

One of the most familiar titles in our list, Amazon has launched their own Play Store alternative in 2011. Although the number of apps offered by Amazon Appstore is not as big as in some other Android App Stores, the quality of apps makes up for the lack of diversity. All apps go through a strict moderating process, which means only the best ones make it to the store. Moreover, there are regular promotions that make paid apps available for free.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

As the biggest Android device manufacturer, Samsung was destined to open their app market sooner or later. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy Apps appear. It became a Play Store alternative with a relatively small number of apps. However, a limited range of apps means more exposure to every app developer, and given that Galaxy Apps is installed on every new Samsung device, the potential customer base is truly big.


One of the App Stores for games that look especially professional is Mobogenie. In its range of applications, you will find many of them that are already featured on Google Play. It allows users not only to share mobile apps, but to create them. More than 8 million registered users have already been used it. The Store supports Java and Android formats. App developers are able to publish their apps for free, but they must be registered. Unfortunately, no one can monetize an app in this Store.


GetJar is the oldest App Store here listed, although it was originally intended for Symbian devices. Today GetJar is one of the most viable App Stores for Android with an intelligent way of organizing and categorizing apps. Browse the apps by categories or visit the GetJar on your desktop computer to make the searching and downloading process even easier.

Slide ME

A very popular app market with an international reach is Slide ME. Every app that is submitted to this Google Play alternative goes through a quality control, which means that only secure and high quality apps make it to Slide ME. There are both free and paid apps, with plenty of options for payment. Developers can benefit from the huge international user base, and the smart search system makes it easier for the apps to be discovered.


F-droid is the robotic platform, which can be used as an Android App Store, and also as a storage of free Android developers’ software. It was launched by England-based company F-Droid Limited. F-droid not only displays third-party apps from other developers, but also designs its own applications, with over 35 titles being released to date. There are numerous ways for apps to be discovered in F-droid: through search, categories, and various features like Latest APPs, Top Rated, and Forum topics.


There are not too many App Stores for games that allow developers to upload their apps completely for free, which is why Mobango is so popular with app designers. Out of all App Stores for Android this one may be the easiest to get into, and the relatively small number of apps helps every developer get their share of spotlight. With little effort your app could even end up in the Top Downloads section, which is a goal of every developer.

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These 7 App Stores are quite popular with both users and developers, but the question of which one to choose depends on what your goals are. If you’ve developed an app and want it to get as much exposure as possible, go for one of the stores with an overall smaller number of apps, like Amazon Appstore or GetJar. Mobango is an excellent choice for first-time developers with a limited promotion budget, as you can upload and display your app absolutely for free. Samsung Galaxy Apps is also a great choice for developers, as it covers the enormous user base of Samsung devices and is available by default for every Samsung smartphone and tablet owner. If you simply want to enjoy high quality and totally secure apps from the industry’s top developers, go for a store with the strictest moderation process, like Amazon Appstore or Slide ME.

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