How to Build a Successful App Promotional Campaign

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It is known that there is no sure-thing option in app promotion business. But there are seven valuable recommendations for your campaign.

Plan in advance. You make plan while developing the app, so the launch and promotional plan is a must as well. Define the best advertising option for you by analyzing the media resources and their usefulness in your future PR campaign.

In case your app is expected to be promoted in various countries, make sure you have chosen the proper stores in order to spread your product.

Apply known users’ touch points as much as you can. You can easily apply the existing in your disposal media sources instead of searching for new ones.

You can use in your campaign the offered touch points like emails, sites or billing statements. As a variant, you can implement the script on your internet page to inform the mobile browsers that your new app is available. Or you can place QR codes on key cards of the hotel rooms if you are in collaboration with some hotel service. Think out of the box.

Mobile devices are you magic beans. Mobile phones and other devices can perform a countless number of features. So you can add QR-codes, SMS-codes or links to all possible ways of mobile communication and the owners of the phones will be able to do the expecting actions with their devices.

Predict the actions of your prospective customer and create the target elements in real world. For some app a good marketing move would be placing the QR-code on the coasters with a link to App Store page. Extra option can be using the assistance of the social networks that can also highlight useful app’s features in the frame of your marketing campaign.

Choose your target audience wisely. Make a segmentation of your email database in order to inform people the app is created for. Do not mix different groups of people in your targeted campaign. Use a proper way of informing for each group. Analyze the results and make predictions in your promotion activity.

Social connections. Using the existing social media networks you can greatly enhance the size of your audience. Facebook or Twitter, for example, provides developers with an option of app-install advertisements. Other media like Foursquare can be useful thanks to its tips option. User can create a tip, which will induce readers to download the app. Choose the proper location and the direction of targeting of your campaign. Ad a tell-a-friend feature to your app if you want an extra growth of your app installs.

Collaboration with other developers. Why not to offer a mutual help to other app developers, who are also in seek of the source of quality downloads. Search for cross-promotional opportunities offering your services to other companies that may offer a similar of neighboring products or services.

ASO is of your priority. ASO is an important side of app promotion, a mobile development variant of SEO. Consider the way your target audience think and lead them to find and download your app. In this matter you can experiment with your approaches in order to invite more new users.

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