Hot App Promotional Trends
in Google Play and App Store 2018

hot app promotional trends

The mobile industry market is growing, and mobile applications play a key role in practically all areas. In 2017 the sphere of App Promotion has changed a lot. ASO has acquired a new meaning, and to successfully hit the TOP the advertising and motivated traffic should attract only real users without bots, emulators and other cheating.

What were the ways to promote applications in 2017?

So the year 2017 wasn't that simple for app promotion. With the growth of app promotional companies, the App Store and Google Play began to actively combat cheaters, bots, emulators, changing algorithms for ranking applications, introducing filters of market activity scenarios.

To successfully promote applications, several methods have been actively used to attract organic and inorganic traffic in 2017.

Organic installs:

As before, the promotion of keywords and popular search queries is effective. We pay special attention to our customers and offer it as a service. One of our researchers showed that 2 \ 3 applications are installed precisely by their search by search queries. Meanwhile, we can help you with both App store / Playstore optimization.

Inorganic traffic:

An effective and actively working method is advertising. With the change in ranking algorithms, the promotion of non-incentivized traffic becomes increasingly important: social networks, setting up campaigns in Google Adwords and Apple Search Ads, Facebook and other channels. In this case, CPI (Cost Per Install) of these sources has grown significantly, the number of advertisements has grown and users are now becoming more selective.

A good result shows the attraction of traffic through YouTube bloggers. It is necessary to understand that this is a constant and systemic process of communication and establishing links with bloggers, auditing both old and new channels that are gaining popularity.

Incentivized traffic remains an effective promotion tool, which directly affects the growth of the position of applications in the search for Google Play and the App Store. If the application is quality and attractive, the performers become active users. There is a possibility of targeting performers on gender, age, and geographical criteria.

Thanks to this approach, it is possible to obtain high rates of conversion of motivated users into organic users. So, you are welcomed to buy android installs here.

Will the app promotions methods change in 2018?

App Store Optimization will not change a lot. The methods of promotion will only be improved. In particular, more attention will be paid to improving the methods of monetization.

The main trends of app promotion according to our experts' opinion will be:

Don’t forget that that modern users are picky, thanks to the extensive selection of applications in the markets. Already today, pay more attention to optimizing and building an integrated strategy for promoting your application in order to keep up with the latest trends in 2018

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