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6 Mobile App Marketing Strategies for New App Launch

App launch Guide

Mobile applications have already secured the market and caused severe competition. Therefore, it could be pretty tricky to launch a new app. What it involves is not only release, but also promotion. Find below 6 guidelines for effective app exploiting.

  1. 1Record a video presentation.
  2. A video presentation is the best way to demonstrate all features and functionality of a new app. You’d rather make a dynamic b-roll show a workflow. Today there exist lots of user-friendly video making tools. For instance, SimFinger. It allows making top quality screenshots. And it’s free.

  3. Build the brand awareness.
  4. You’d better prepare comprehensive content for promotional and marketing support. It could be images, logos, visuals, and advertising clips. Be sure, they will be very helpful for social media marketing campaigns and press releases. Moreover, all these data should be easily accessible for all people who will decide to review the application.

  5. Organize a sneak preview.
  6. If there is a possibility, why not to organize a sneak preview of your mobile application for several movers and shakers. Before actual launching date, let them try the app. As a matter of fact, you will just simplify their work. Movers and shakers will prepare a better review of your product and that will play into your hands.

  7. Involve mass media.
  8. A successful marketing campaign should start long before actual launch date. So, your task is to do your best to involve the press and bloggers who can highlight your application release in the best possible way. You should provide all mass media agents with accurate data about the application release. Let public find out about your product via all possible media channels.

  9. Prepare SMM campaigns.
  10. Today social media promotion is the most popular type of advertising. Try to build a community around the app since actual startup. Use all social media platforms. Make corresponding posts and tweets several times a day. If it is possible, involve other users to repost or retweet your app. Social engagement is truly effective.

  11. Prepare app store optimization strategy
  12. App store optimization or just ASO is considered the most efficient app promotion method. You should work out a comprehensive plan to succeed. Think of a recognizable title, a striking picture. Prepare a review with search words and create top quality screenshots. App promotion is as important as its building.

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